The Top 5 Muskoka Hiking Trails

Some of the best memories take place in the great outdoors: spending an extended weekend with family at a lakeside, Muskoka cottage, going for bike rides, hiking through the wilderness. There’s no better way to fully appreciate Canadian summer than by exploring the best Muskoka hiking trails when you stay at Patterson Kaye Resort. See Ontario wildlife, scenic overlooks, and even a waterfall on these hiking trails near Bracebridge. 

1. Torrence Barrens Extension Trail

Bring your beloved furry friend on this four-mile hike on the Torrence Barrens Extension Trail. Excellent for hikers of every experience level, they only ask that you keep your dog leashed on this trail. Take in the lovely sight of the lake on this year-round open trail. 

2. Hardy Lake Loop Trail

Another hiking path with excellent lakeside views is the Hardy Lake Trail. Go for a stroll along this five-mile Muskoka hiking trail and bask in its tranquillity. Leashed dogs are also welcome to join you on this trail around Hardy Lake. 

3. Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail

Just under two miles, the Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail is an easy Muskoka hiking trail that provides gorgeous scenic overlooks. The Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail starts in the woods, but after a brief ascension, the rest of the path leads you along a rocky ledge, so you don’t have to worry about bugs. 

4. Wilson’s Falls Trail 

If you enjoy waterfalls, then you’ll love Wilson’s Falls Trail. Less than a half-mile long, this trail leads to Wilson’s Falls. It’s an excellent place to rest and take in the gorgeous view. Sit on a rock and rest your feet by dipping them in the crisp, freshwater. 

5. Bracebridge Water Treatment Loop

Another short, two-mile hike, the Bracebridge Water Treatment Loop invites leashed dogs to its premises and features a calm, pristine lake. Close to our Muskoka cabin rentals, this trail is perfect for a quiet, morning walk.

Bracebridge Cottage Rentals by the Best Muskoka Hiking Trails 

Get the best of Canadian summer at our Muskoka resort. Spend a day at the lake, choose from myriad hiking or biking trail options, or take it easy and lounge around our cozy cottages. We even have pet-friendly accommodations, so you can bring your beloved pooch. If you’re looking for things to do in Muskoka or would like to make a reservation, please contact us. Our staff will point you in the right direction.