A Self-Guided Muskoka Cycling Tour

We’re on the cusp of Ontario’s long-awaited cycling season. While we love our snow-covered winters here at Patterson Kaye Resort, there’s something genuinely liberating about trading your snowshoes, snowmobile, and ice skates for a light, aerodynamic road bike. One of the most common (and reinvigorating) daytime activities in Bracebridge is a lengthy, self-guided Muskoka cycling tour.

The Best Muskoka Cycling Routes

From spring’s initial thaw to autumn’s peak, it’s quite common to spot legions of cyclists pedalling through the lush backcountry in search of inner tranquillity and a hefty dose of exercise. The best Muskoka cycling routes typically veer off into isolated, densely forested, and uninhabited areas, where bicyclists and woodland critters outnumber motor vehicles. Luckily for you and your crew of cyclists, Patterson Kaye Resort is only a couple of miles away from three of the prettiest Muskoka “trails,” two of which start and finish right here in Bracebridge.

Milford Bay Route

Our favourite (and most “popular”) ride in the area is the Milford Bay Route, a 55-kilometre excursion that doesn’t push the envelope thanks to its mostly-flat, well-paved roads. It starts in downtown Bracebridge and meanders north toward sprawling backcountry, where cyclists will discover towering black spruces and aspens, peaceful farmsteads, and a smidge of lakeside beauty near Milford Bay. 

High Falls Route

The 27-kilometre High Falls Route is much more manageable for intermediate bicyclists. It doesn’t quite offer the secluded ambiance obtained on the aforementioned Milford Bay ride, but there’s still plenty of beauty and serenity to be discovered on this all-encompassing tour of Bracebridge. The route rolls past the north side of Muskoka Falls and picturesque Bracebridge Falls. You’ll also pedal atop the meandering Muskoka River on several occasions.

Gravenhurst Wharf Route

Gravenhurst, our neighbour to the south, is a visually-appealing community along the southern banks of Lake Muskoka. It’s home to yet another splendid Muskoka cycling route: The Gravenhurst Wharf and Doe Lake Loop. The journey starts and finishes in downtown Gravenhurst. Along the way, you’ll pedal past Doe Lake, Spence Lake, and the rushing Muskoka River. Half of the ride cruises near quintessential country homes and pristine woodlands before hooking up with westbound 118.

Cozy Bracebridge Cottage Rentals

Don’t forget that Patterson Kaye Resort’s Rec Center has a small fleet of complimentary bicycle rentals. Otherwise, LivOutside Gear and The Bike Shop both have a state-of-the-art Muskoka bike rental with your name on it. After each full day of classic Muskoka cycling adventures, return to our lakeside haven for an evening of relaxation. Bask on our waterfront patio, soak in the hot tub, throw a line into the lake, take a nap in the sand, and share stories beside your private wood-burning fireplace. Please give us a call today at 855-645-4169 to learn more about our cozy Muskoka cabin rentals, as well as our many special offers.